French Decorative Bookbinding - Eighteenth Century

Louis Douceur - 1754 Lucrèce

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Comparative Diagram 1 - No. 1105 Lucrèce high resolution vs low res catalogue Lucrèce
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As we noticed on the previous page the bindings shown above in Comparative Diagram 1, were an important link to all the bindings on the previous page, they are linked by three important Douceur tools. I decided to extract the imprints from our high resolution 1105 example, surprisingly there are not that many.

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Comparative Diagram 2 - imprints from Douceur 1754 Lucrèce binding No. 1105
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Here is something odd, we have found at least 4 Lucrèce bindings by Douceur with the same corner imprint, and yet I do not see it in Barber's DCR imprint collection. Now we can look at different corner tool on a binding that appears to share some common imprints with the others.

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Comparative Diagram 2 - Lucrèce binding spine compartments vs Sotheby's Lot 156 Lucrèce spine compartments

As you can see the binding shown above appears to have some identical spine compartment imprints, while the lettering is no longer the same size, shown in Comparative Diagram 2. This binding is currently for sale (click here to see it) from Libreria Antiquaria Pregliasco (Torino, Italy) I have Google translated their item description below.

2 volumes in-8 large, in Holland paper, pp. (4), 243 (tome I), pp. 245- 543 (tomo II), both with antiporta and figured title, three full pages, engraved in copper f.text. Designed and engraved in copper by the great French artists of the eighteenth century, Eisen, Cochin, Le Lerrain, Aliamet, Lemire, Tardieu. Vignettes and ends in the text. Famous edition, one of the masterpieces of the 18th century ilustrated book Exemplary with magnificent contemporary binding (not signed but probably the work of Derôme) in full Moroccan, with rich extensive floral decoration in gold on the plates and backs with nerves, intact dentelles, counter-panels in beautiful marbled paper, gilded edges. Each page is enclosed in a red ink thread. A very beautiful and perfectly preserved copy of the Italian translation of the famous text of Epicurean philosophy by Caro (Latin poet, 99-55 BC) '' De rerum natura ''. Precious edition in exemplary of amateur. Cohen-Ricci, 665-6656. Inventory Bookseller # 0000000006701

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Comparative Diagram 3 - Lucrèce bindings half board width.

In Comparative Diagram 3 we can see the the Pregliasco 1754 Lucrèce is very different to our other example, however the large leaf imprint seems to confirm that this yet another Douceur variation, possibly a later one. The mystery is, how can so many of these Douceur 1754 Lucrèce bindings be surfacing... obviously this book has something special about it, so many people wanted Douceur to decorate it for them.

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1754 Lucrèce titlepage by Eisen engtaved by Le Mire.
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On the next page I am happy to announce a major breakthrough in proving that our 1749 eBay Henault is a real Douceur binding. I have found at long last a binding with the same imprints, not surprisingly its from 1749.

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A word of Caution

Even experts are sometimes wrong, before you spend thousands on a book, please do your own research! Just because I say a certain binding can be attributed to le Maitre isn't any kind of guarantee, don't take my word for it, go a step further and get your own proof. In these pages I have provided you with a way of doing just that.

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